Online Quote

Question #1

• Accident damaged!
• Cambelt or timing chain failed!
• Clutch failing or high!
• Clutch gone completely!
• Dash warning lights!
• Engine knocks or rattles!
• Engine seized!
• Fire damage!
• Fuel pump failure!
• Gearbox failure!
• Generally poor condition!
• Headgasket symptoms! (Overheating)
• High mileage!
• Major oil loss!
• MOT about to expire!
• MOT expired!
• MOT failure!
• Non-runner!
• Non-starter!
• Patched-up bodywork!
• Turbo packed-up!
• Vandalised!
• Windscreen damage!
• Anything else resulting in the vehicle not looking right! Or driving normally!

#1 Any faults or issues with the vehicle
Not working! Or has issues like above!

Perfect running order! With no issues!

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